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it's a miracle. >> his unlikely role in an indiana nun's path to sainthood. >>> revealing investigations. fascinating characters. stories with impact. this is "cnn presents" with tonight's host, randi kaye and dr. sanjay gupta. >> good evening. we begin tonight with this unbelievable story of how u.s. soldiers were used as human guinea pigs. during the cold war, the military embarked on this top-secret program to test chemical and biological weapons. >> the researchers used animals, but believe it or not, they also used humans, volunteers from the army who had no idea what they were signing up for. >> nearly half a century later, some of these human guinea pigs, well, they're emerging from the shadows with disturbing stories about what the military did to them and how they're being treated now. ♪ >> i enlisted, joined at 18 years of age. it was the height of the vietnam war era and really felt a sense of duty to my country to go and serve. >> i went straight to ft. bragg. it was the thing to do. it was my duty as an american. >> i was drafted and i was placed in the 85th
island, indiana, north carolina, west virginia, nebraska, oregon, arkansas, kentucky, california, montana, new jersey, new mexico, south dakota, and utah. question, why are the republican primaries this year so protracted? >> because they changed the rules from four years ago and have more proportional primaries where delegates are awarded to all the candidates depending on the percentage of the vote. four years ago, they were mostly winner take all and john mccain was able to wrap it up. if they had the same rule told they had four years ago, romney -- it would be over. we would be writing it's over. this campaign season has been like a long psycho analysis of mitt romney. why doesn't he relate to voters? why can't he close the sale with the republicans? but in the end it's with are agent tick and there's a chance he may not have the 1144 delegates he needs by june. but he will probably wrap it up june 5, when california votes and new jersey, new jersey is winner take all. california by congressional district. nobody else has the resources to compete in a the congressional districts. he
on the ground in henryville, indiana, and west liberty, kentucky, which suffered widespread destruction. tonight, there's news from both hard-hit cities in west liberty we're getting our first look at what might be the most dramatic video yet of the twisters ripping off a roof like a tin can. an incredible look at its sheer power. >>> in henryville, teachers returned to the decimated school today where a handful of students and staff rode out the storm and were amazingly unharmed. teachers spent the day digging through the rubble to see if there was anything to salvage. students will attend classes at schools in nearby cities for the rest of the school year. >>> we turn to hawaii now which has been far from a vacation paradise this week. as record breaking storms sweep across the island chain. first, the good news. there are no reports of any deaths or injuries. but tonight, the damage is so widespread, hawaii's governor has declared a state of emergency. we get the latest now from nbc's mike taibbi. >> reporter: the hailstorm that peppered oahu is something that the locals say they have never s
carolina, let's make them swing states, ohio a swing state. most people think indiana will go back to republicans. you have had some republicans who say they can play here and here, i'll do it for the sake of argument. colorado will be a sing state. nevada, you have to make that a swin state. some states say arizona could be a swing state. let's just start right here, but there will be more, people at home, let's say this, republicans to 169, i think our white chief correspondent is listening to this as we go. prove it to you republicans, i'm going to keep these in the democratic column until you can prove otherwise. we were in florida recently for a debate. this is pretty tough for president obama. let's for the sake of argument split the difference. let obama keep virginia, give north carolina to the republicans. where are we now? the president's getting close. that was a pickup for the president. let's get that one. i was convinced. look at this when we get this here, now you have nevada, iowa, indiana, for the sake of argument, watch this, that hasn't voted republican for presi
in indiana and indiana university law school in indianapolis. he joined the fbi in indianapolis. he went on to work in new york before heading to the headquarters in washington to supervise the organized crime section. since 1999 when he helped lead the inquiry into the crash of egypt flight 990 in nantucket, massachusetts, he has worked with the nation's highest profile cases involving national security. after the 9/11 attacks, he was put in charge of the fbi's extensive counter terrorism branch. he became the bureau's executive director of counterintelligence. he led a number of high-profile investigations including the breakup of a plot to blow up new york subways in 2009 and later that year the case of the would-be underwear bomber and christmas day. he also took part in the investigation of an attempted car bombing in times were in 2010. in 2004, he was named deputy director of the fbi and a serving in the number two position when police asked him to fulfill the top spot of the tsa. today he oversees 60,000 employees to provide security at more than 450 airports and through the fede
in the u.s., tornado cleanup continues after twisters tore through five states. in indiana, members of the colts join residents to clean up in henryville and they gave people in the battered area optimism for the future of their community. >>> and giving them this hope and there is some hope still. you have folks going to help you through this. >> the people continue to pick up the pieces and they'll get help from the government. yesterday, president obama proved federal aid for counties affectioned by the tornados in kentucky and indiana. >>> and from maryland's eastern shore, they're investigating a small body found. it's identified as conrad snuff jr. of leesburg. he was 85 years old. the marine employees found him this morning and doesn't look like there was some foul play. >>> d.c. police closed another night club. this time, the island cafe and that is in the 800 block of upshire street northwest. the man was stabbed in the stomach and is expected to survive. the club will be shut down for a few days while there is an investigation on the alcoholic beverage control board. >>>
media they would lose their jobs if the talks said that he has heard that again in indiana and the fear that if they tell what it is like to work instead of a planned they will be fired. view it cnn was a part in a recent media group that was allowed to film there. this act it happened at my plan it is my mission to keep working here. one >>reporter: this is the story that they want the public to hear and not the real story. >> people are working there for the money we are now worried about health care when they are worried about today's bread, tomorrow's meal. will they are the ones cleaning up the world's worst nuclear disaster in 25 years. >>kimberlee: stay with us for continuing coverage of the one-year anniversary of the japan record. will be out there until this over. >>reporter: to cloudy skies over the course of oakland for tonight clearly have seen much cooler with mr. daly were in the '70s will will will remain cool for the next several days to. we have some when the light of what they're coming up for next week. >> partly cloudy skies and review with your.. have they mostly
of the indiana; how do you cross over and persuade people you know, you can be trusted and that you share their values? >> in terms of reaching out to independents. >> chris: no, reaching out to the base. who would you tell romney to do? >> be himself and say i am fortunate to be successful and i made mon yei may not be the most natural person on the political stuff but i know how to get jobs and run the economy. i will being for you. he needs to relax and be mitt romney. people are wonders is the authtent tick mitt romney moderate who served massachusetts or the arch conservative who is competing for the nomination it reminds me of the line. the key is sincerity. once you learn to fake that you have that. what does he do? >> i like being himself and a point in the michigan speech. his victory speech in michigan forward toward the end. will my children be able to compete in the world and will we have america we want to have? he did the big picture and the media, of which quee are part. it is like a football. they keep raising the bar. even if he wins, the headlines don't say he won. it ro
of indiana, how do you cross over and persuade people, you know, you can be trustd? and that you share their values? >> it in terms of the-- >> reporter: in terms of the base. >> i would tell romney to be himself and say, look, i have been fortunate to be successful. i have made money. i may not be the most natural person at the political stuff, but i know how to create jobs and run an chiand i will be working every day. he has to, you know, maybe just relax a little bit more and be the authentic mitt romney. because weem -- because people are wondering, is he the moderate or the arch conservative who is competing for the republican nomination? >> chris: it reminds me about the line of samuel goldman, the hollywood mogul says, the key is sincerity. once have you learned to fake that, you have it made. >> i like that, be himself. there is a point in his michigan speech, which a lot of victory speech in michigan, toward the end, are my children going to be able to comfeet in this world? are we going to have the america we want to have? i am going to be the person who todo that. he did t
of indiana. how do you cross over and persuade people, you know, you can be trusted and that you share their values? >> terms of reaching out to independents? >> chris: i'm talking more this h case about reaching out to the base. what would you tell romney to do? >> just be yourself. say look, i've been fortunate to be successful. i made money. i may not be the most national person -- natural person at this political stuff, but i know how to create jobs, run an economy, and i'll work for you every single day. he's got to maybe just relax a little bit more and be the authentic mitt romney because people right now are wondering. is the authentic mitt romney the moderate who served as governor or the arch conservative who is now competing for the republican nomination? >> chris: it reminds me of the line the key is sincerity. once you learn to fake that, you've got it made. what does he do? >> i like that. there's a point in his michigan state, his victory speech in michigan. it was towards the end. he was talking about the big picture issues. the questions are my children going to be abl
committee, chairman dan burton of indiana. mr. burton: i thank the gentlelady for yielding. you know, we judge as congressmen, our colleagues based upon their ability and how hard they work, but the thing i liked about don payne as a colleague with whom i worked for 24 years on the foreign affairs committee was he was a nice guy. he was really a nice guy. even when we had our differences, and there were many, when we served on the africa subcommittee together, we would debate and then we walked together down the hall and talk as friends and still discuss our differences but we did it in such a friendly way, and i really liked the guy. you know, one of the things i think so important is we really don't get to know each other too much in this place. you have 435 of us and people come who are wealthy and some who are very poor. some who came from bad beginnings and tough beginnings and some who came from the top, and we don't get to know each other very well. but i know don payne because i knew don payne because he worked so hard for the people he represented in newark, and he really fought
, students, and volunteers also raising money selling t-shirts, baked goods and candy. indiana. the indianapolis colts helping clean up twister damage in henryville. players and staff all pitching in, the town one of the worst hit in last week's deadly tornado outbreak across the midwest and south. that's a fox watch across america. you are about to lose something you can never get back. time. and it will happen while most of us are sleeping. all in the name of saving daylight. meteorologist maria molina in the fox extreme weather center now with important reminderrer. can't miss it. bigger than you are. we are headed into spring and you are going to have to change your clock as we head into tonight. 2:00 a.m. sunday you should be turning your clocks forward an hour so you will be losing an hour of sleep unfortunately. that's what we have to do to get more daylight during the evening hours so that's something we are going to be keeping an eye on. as we head into fall by the way that's when you turn your clocks back. fall backwards spring forward that's a saying to help you reme
recent tornadoes that ravaged indiana. two dozen pets were retrieved from a local shelt, and they are hoping to find them new homes. some of the animals were given up by families who lost their homes. officials say that it is starting to run out of room. the shelter is, with the influx of lost pets. >> the animals hide in the beginning. i mean, they are terrified after having gone through that. they don't know what's going on so the first few days after the storm they found some of the deceased animals and some situations that were owner surrendered, but the shelter is now starting to see strays trickle in. >> vets are going to take care of the animals until they are ready to be adopted in just a few weeks. >>> a special race is about to start in the south bay to honor the life of san jose native pat tillman. the 408k race is a five-mile run starting from hp pavilion that will end at santana road. proceeds from the event support the pat tillman foundation. you might recall tillman gave up an nfl career to enlist the army in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. he died two years
tornadoes in indiana are getting help. the humane society in indianapolis took in dozens of strays that are in need of adoption. the animals belong to people's who's homes have been destroyed. organization plans to find new homes for all of them. >>> we have an update to a story we first told you about a group of girl scouts being robbed in texas. two teenagers are under arrest in connection to stealing the girl scouts cookie money. it happened when the girls were selling cookies outside of a walmart. the robbers got away with 200- dollars. . the scouts were going to have to pay the money back on their own but donations poured in. >> we have had calls as far away as hollywood, california. a number of people locally have also sent in money to compensate their girl scouts for their loss. it goes a long way to say what kind of community we have. >> security footage and vehicle description lead them to the two suspects. they are facing aggravated robbery charges. >>> for the second time a vietnam veteran has received a purple heart. during the vietnam war he served as a radio operator.
, arizona. >> dave: arizona. >> clayton: parts of indiana don't have to. >> alisyn: for the rest of you, here is our message, you just lost an hour of your life. okay? that's what we're waking up to tell you, you've lost an hour of your life, but it could be a good thing this morning, because it's one hour less to do something you don't like. >> dave: say again, one hour less to do something you don't like. so this is' one thing you don't have to do today. >> clayton: that could be your excuse. >> alisyn: yes. >> clayton: honey, will you do this later today. >> alisyn: i have one hour less. >> dave: i finally understand those questions. >> alisyn: and let he me show you my example. i have one hour less to work out and not going to the gym. not doing it today because i have the perfect excuse. >> clayton: our producer before the show is is the thing we would miss and i said the same thing you did, working out. >> alisyn: working out? >> i said no, ali said that. but one thing. >> dave: i enjoy. >> clayton: dave is a three hour guy. and wasting time playing with my gadgets. >> alisyn: you
for americans at 8.3% nationally, 9% in my home state of indiana. our national debt has grown to more than $15 trillion. this scenario brings great pressure on our government's financial obligations and places our entire economy at some risk. in this context, the dollars available for global developments will necessarily be limited. the task before us today is to ask whether our government is using those dollars as efficiently as possible to achieve the most benefits for u.s. foreign policy and development goals. our foreign assistance should be targeted at sustainable development that promotes self stishes -- sfishes and produces demonstrable results. and support the strengthening of democracies and promote the rule of lows in those democracies. as a path allows nations to become effective trading ar partners on a world stage, it is very important that we be of assistance. the administration has identified global food security, global health and global climate change as the highest priorities for our development assistance this year. historically there has been broad support for the united st
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)